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Matrix Air Gate Location server fills the missing piece of the puzzle. Any network system can easily obtain accurate location data. Visual geo-fencing tools allow Business Users to do things quickly.


Matrix Air Gate Communications Server allows for targeted messaging via SMS and MMS. Profiling creates improves message relevance resulting in better customer experience and increased response rates.


Matrix Air Stat allows customer activity to be mapped out by geography. See what customers are doing instead of poring over a spreadsheet filled with numbers.

High Traffic?

No problem.

Location Events

Air Gate Location Server

"Web based Mapping tools to draw geo-fences and visualise data means the hard work is already done for you."

− Air Gate Location

"Easy interfaces for external systems to connect eliminates integrations costs."

"Improve the location accuracy of your network location resource by up to 40 times."

"Secure and control access to your network location resources from third parties."

"Location analytics let you map the movement and density of your subscriber base for business decisions and network planning."

The right message.

The right customer.

The right place.

The right time.

Air Gate Communications Server

"One easy to use web based interface for the entire organisation to create campaigns."

"Integrated work flow allows submitted campaigns to be reviewed and approved by an authority."

"Increase message relevance by targeting demographics or usage behaviour. Males, aged 20-35, with a high ARPU, and have roamed in the last month? No problem."

"Centralised contact policy ensures customers are not overwhelmed by promotional or informational messages. Set the maximum number of times customers may be contacted within a specific period."

"Location analytics let you map the movement and density of your subscriber base for business decisions and network planning."

See what your customers are doing.

See when they are doing it.

See where they are doing it.

Air Stat Analytics Server

"Target roaming visitors as they arrive in country. Customise messages to visitor based on their location or port of entry."

"Understand complex relationships between local regions using Call Circle maps. Intersecting lines of various widths show call and messaging traffic between areas."

"Global Roaming Map lets you see where your customers travel to and where visitors to your network are coming from. Higher spikes indicate higher volume giving you an instant birds eye view on customer travel."

"Global Calling Maps let you see international call traffic connections. Brighter, denser connections indicate higher traffic."

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